nina + varun – engagement session

thanks to bad weather and food poisoning, it took us over a month and 3 tries to finally do this session. all i can say is it was well worth the wait – i had so much fun shooting these two lovebirds. nina says varun is not a big fan of the camera, and she had to train him. i think she did well because he was awesome in front of it. these two were so cute, so affectionate, and at times super silly…my kind of couple! we cruised around crissy field, which is like the perfect location – it’s got grass, the beach, awesome views of the golden gate bridge, cool old buildings, and lots of funky textures. we almost had to postpone AGAIN as it was raining the night before, but it turned out to be a lovely afternoon. i guess third time’s the charm!

since i’m having trouble narrowing down my shots, here are lots of my favorites 🙂

i’m STILL addicted to jumping shots 🙂

i told them to do a stoic, serious face (see left photo). they couldn’t pull it off for too long (see right photo).

fun foot shot:

as it was close to valentine’s day, i did some prop shopping, and found this cuuuuuute lollipop in the $1 spot at target! i tested it out with these two.

LOVE this shadow shot!!!

there we lots of puddles on the ground because of the rain the previous night…

they wanted to do a silly face photo….

but it quickly turned into this….awwwwwww!!!

the cloud patterns were so cool that day…

LOVING this ring shot!

thanks for the afternoon, guys – so happy we finally made it happen!!!


1 Response to “nina + varun – engagement session”

  1. 1 cindee February 23, 2010 at 10:19 pm

    cute… I’m drooling over the light..

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