new york, i love you – personal

recently, i was flown out to jersey by my friend breanne to photograph her adorable one-year-old’s birthday celebration πŸ™‚ those photos are too cute for words, and will be included in another post in the very near future, but in between all the photo-taking and birthday festivities, i was able to spend a day in new york city.

before discovering a passion for photography and design, my life goal was to work in magazine publishing and live in NYC. in fact, my friend elaine and i used to joke that we would move to NYC together, and while she was bringing in the big bucks as a hotshot lawyer, she would have to cover my portion of our outrageous NYC rent in exchange for me bringing her some clothes from the fashion closet at my under-paying magazine job. this was my first time in the city, and i have to say that i LOVED it. i still wouldn’t mind living there, although i love san francisco and wouldn’t complain if i lived here the rest of my life.

we spent about 10 hours in the city, and we crammed a LOT in. there was still not enough time to fit everything i wanted to do in, but we sure got a ton in…we should deserve some sort of award for that πŸ™‚

NYC was like sensory overload for me – lots to see everywhere i went! it made my camera VERY happy, and i wanted to share some of those shots here…

i wanted to get a cabs in a row shot. this wasn’t quite what i was going for,Β  but i like it.

i thought these onesies were super cute πŸ™‚

glimpse of the empire state building. we didn’t actually go there, but it’s definitely on the list for next time. among lots of other things.

madison square garden clocktower.

springtime in NYC = lovely πŸ™‚

we went on the staten island ferry. not that i actually wanted to see staten island…

…but i wanted to see the statue of liberty without actually going there, and this awesome view of the manhattan skyline doesn’t hut πŸ™‚

we spent a lot of time on the subways! san franisco may have good public transportation, but it’s got NOTHING on the NY subway system. the one thing that SF does have on NYC though, is that it’s more accessible…climbing up and down stairs to get in and out of subway stations with a stroller = not fun.

the upper east side…brought out the gossip girl nerd in me, lol.

central park! i was curious to see how it compares to golden gate park out here…it’s a lot more lush. golden gate park has a woodsier feel. both are beautiful, though πŸ™‚

everything was in bloom and just PRETTY. it was a perfect day, and spring is just a fabulous time to be in NYC…

i saw candice stringham take a bunch of awesome photos out by these arches, and was curious about them, but had no idea where they were. luckily, the one place we chose to go to in the park was were they were at. hooray! it’s right near betheseda fountain.

rockefeller center – radio city music hall and 30 rock!

times square.

i took this photo, and hailed a cab at the exact same time. i’m awesome πŸ™‚ this ended up being one of my favorite shots of the day, too!

we got a lot done with baby in tow –

see, she’s super adorable. you will see lots of cuuuuute photos coming up on this blog very soon! πŸ™‚ stay tuned.

we got lots done in one day, but i still didn’t get around to stuff i had on my list. there were also a bunch of things i wanted to see but knew i wouldn’t have time for, like the met. i hope to take a longer trip into NYC sometime soon! i can’t wait to be back!


2 Responses to “new york, i love you – personal”

  1. 1 breanne April 22, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    you forgot the cupcakes!! cant wait for you to come back ❀

  1. 1 madelyn – 1 year session « CAROEKG photography – san francisco portrait photographer Trackback on July 24, 2010 at 9:08 pm

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