jade and jonathan – fort mason – san francisco engagement session photographer

i came across this session while looking through my files tonight and realized that for some reason or another, i’d never blogged this session! DUHHH. i have no idea why i never did, because it’s one of the most fun sessions in recent memory! jade first contacted me on facebook and told me to look around her profile to get a sense of who she and jonathan were as a couple, and then suggest a location for their engagement shoot. i immediately knew i was going to be in for a blast – you totally got the sense that these two loved to have fun!

jade and jonathan have that perfect mix of silliness, sweetness, and fun. they would totally be cracking me up by making dorky faces at each other, and then would totally switch gears and make me melt by getting mushy with each other. awwww. we met up at fort mason – these two were in the military so the idea of doing their engagement photos at a fort appealed to them.

these two got married on 7/11, and jade wanted to go take some photos in front of a 7-11, but then we were having too much fun and ran out of time. boo hiss. oh well.

so. many. favorites. i had SUCH a fun afternoon with them, and i enjoyed looking at these photos again!


that photo on the right=LOL:

LOL at jonathan in the photo on the right – HAHA!

another footloose moment!

loooove this one….

these two have an old VW bus that they drove allllll the way from montana. they wanted to include it in their shoot, and i was happy that they did because it is pretty AWESOME.

they also love sailing (they were in the navy) and say that they would be living on a boat if not for the fact that they have dogs, so shooting at the marina was a good choice 🙂

ring shot:

we went over to the park overlooking the fort where the light was lovelyyyyyy!

their version of a human heart:

“jade and jonathan, sitting in a tree…..”

i had SUCH a blast with you guys! thanks for a fun afternoon! 🙂


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