danelle – class of 2011 – san francisco senior portrait photographer

the weather on the day of danelle’s shoot was NOT in our favor. it was super windy, it was freezing, and it was slightly drizzling. NOT a good day to shoot. you could see the sun on the marin side across the bridge, and the fog was thick as ever on the SF side – it was almost as if it was taunting us! seriously, you could not ask for worse conditions (is it seriously summer? because it sure didn’t feel like it). i couldn’t feel my fingers at times (not a good sign when you have to keep clicking the shutter!) – and i was the one with warm clothes on!

danelle, however, was not. i was about to ask her if she wanted to postpone her shoot for a warmer day, but she was determined. you could hardly tell that she was freezing – she just kept going on and posing for shot after shot, flashing one beautiful smile after another, even while wearing a tank top and a sleeveless dress in super chilly weather. while i kept whining that it was freeeeeeezing, there was not a peep from her. what a trooper. and from these photos, except for maybe the wind-blown hair (no need for a wind machine here in san francisco!), you couldn’t tell that it was freezing. not at all. what a rockstar! tyra would be proud.

danelle is one of my senior models for this 2010-2011 school year, and i could not ask for a sweeter, more fabulous, more gorgeous girl. seriously. LOOK AT HER. she’s a beauty. and she’s got a gorgeous smile. again, if she wasn’t so awesome, i might just really, REALLY hate her!

we headed out to the presidio and crissy field. we spent some time shooting in this flower field (which has been cut down somewhat since i was last there. booooo), and the forest, then headed down to the grassy areas of crissy field. i am starting to REALLY love the presidio lately (and i have a shoot to post with the most AWESOME location. but i digress). anyway. here are my (many) favorites!

(it wasn’t hard to get danelle to laugh. her friend chanel was around to coach her and crack her up, and also i’m a dork. heh)

probably my faaaaaavorite!

check out all that volume in her hair. it’s all a result of the craaaaazy wind. au naturel, baby!

this is one of the ONLY photos i have of her NOT smiling…

thank you sooooo much, danelle!! looking forward to an exciting year with you!


2 Responses to “danelle – class of 2011 – san francisco senior portrait photographer”

  1. 1 victoria August 2, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    what a great job you’ve done. congrats on a wonderful shoot and finding a beautiful and happy model. the photos speak for themselves that she exudes unspeakable joy, oh yes…amidst the below 0 temps too!!!

  2. 2 Paparazzi August 2, 2010 at 11:22 pm

    Chip of the old block. What beauty, poise and self confidence.
    Sarah Geronimo, Taylor Swift eat your heart out.
    I like her outfit. How about those earrings and belt.
    Vera Wang here we come. Need a model?

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