lindsey – the presidio – san francisco senior photographer

lindsey is here from upstate new york for the summer, and wanted to do a shoot while she was in san francisco. we were both hoping for some sun and a teensy little bit of warmth, but of course, it ended up being your typical chilly, blustery san francisco afternoon. grrrr. she said she’s been surprised at how chilly it gets in the city sometimes – i mean, seriously, is this california, and are we in summer?! despite the weather though, lindsey rocked her shoot.

lindsey is staying in the presidio for the summer, and she knew of some cool spots in the area that she sees in the neighborhood every day. i am quickly becoming a HUGE fan of the presidio – it’s got so much variety and i keep finding new places every time i’m there! you’ve got the beach and grass at crissy field, the golden gate bridge, a ton of naturey spots, along with some funky, cool old buildings. gotta love it. i’m hoping to explore this area further in the near future – there’s so much here that i haven’t seen yet!

i love the outfits lindsey chose to bring to her shoot…that jacket is super awesome and loooove that sailor dress! and the red lipstick? awesomeness! 🙂 and she was up for anything, including climing in a tree, posing in a construction zone, and making her way through itchy tall weeds. she’s a trooper for sure!

anyway. lindsay and i had tons of fun traipsing through her neighborhood. she probably thought i was a huge dork for freaking out over every new location we discovered. haha. the pictures are worth it though! 🙂

(i said this area called for a reading scene. i happened to have a copy of eat, pray love in my bag so i handed it to her and had her do this).

looooove grungy old buildings like this 🙂

i completely freaked out when we came across the next location. tall mustard blooms in front of an old buidling?! HELLOOOOOOO!

pretty girl!

then we came across tall weeds in front of another grungy old building. i freaked out yet again. the only thing that would’ve made this even better was if there was golden sunlight!! but seriously?! LOOOOVE.

i am in love with this dress:

we found a super cool tree…

thanks, lindsey!! enjoy the rest of your time in san francisco – hopefully, it’ll warm up a tad 🙂


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