rachel and ronnie – san francisco engagement photography

rachel and ronnie were the winners of my summer engagement giveaway last month, and i was so happy that i found myself such a fun, adorable couple. rachel wanted a very SF-esque engagement session without all the cliches (i.e. the palace of fine arts and the golden gate bridge), and we came up with the russian hill/ghirardelli square area. we didn’t actually make it into the heart of russian square as it involved climbing, you know, hills – we made it up to the top of lombard st. and were pretty much winded – and ended up in part of the fisherman’s wharf area. on a sunday afternoon. which meant it was swarmed with lots and lots of tourists mulling about and staring at them getting all kissy for the camera. i’m sure it made them super awkward,  but they sure didn’t show it.

these two are, like, totally adorable and a complete blast. they went along with my crazy ideas, like making the 4-block VERY hilly and UPHILL trek up to lombard and then getting mushy there while a bunch of cars drove by. heh. but did i mention, they are completely adorable?! these two are giants fans, which means this dodger fan is not supposed to like them, but i had to let even that slide because of their adorableness. the best part about this session? watching them make each other laugh. it was so friggin cute. awwwwww.

oh, and here’s where i would normally whine about the weather yet again…it was super foggy and kinda drizzly…but the sun kind of peeked through for about 10 seconds. i guess a session trying to depict san francisco HAS to include some fog. haha. surprisingly, it wasn’t super cold. i guess i’ll take what i can get.

anyhow. we all know i have trouble narrowing down my favorites, but that was even more so true with this session. enjoy!

san francisco = cable cars 🙂

they let rachel “pull” the lever 🙂

this next photo basically sums up the day:

so ronnie spotted the bridge and wanted a photo with it. i had to go the untraditional route here.

rachel has such gorgeous eyes, and the next two photos show it. no photoshopping, all natural!! 🙂

ring shot! 🙂

i bought these heart ring pops at target around valentine’s day, thinking they’d be a fun prop for an engagement shoot. i’d forgotten about them for awhile, but remembered them and brought them along with me. i almost forgot i had them but remembered i had them towards the end of our session, and brought them out for the last few shots….

i think they had fun with them 🙂 heeeee.

thanks rachel and ronnie!! you guys were a blast! good luck planning your wedding!


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