vivian and charles – san francisco engagement photographer – SOMA

i love vivian and charles’s story – vivian is originally from missouri, and charles from  new york; they met in boston a few years ago. vivian made her way out to the bay area to start medical school at stanford last year, and charles soon followed to start his residency. the rest is history – they are getting married at the end of october!

not only are vivian and charles super smart, they were completely fun, fabulous, and spontaneous. my ideal couple 🙂 i had been wanting to check out a few new locations and SOMA was one of them – and these two were completely willing to play along with me. they didn’t bat an eyelash when i made them lie down in a parking lot (with plenty of spectators walking down the street), or push each other around in shopping carts in the costco parking lot.

SOMA is a pretty awesome location – lots of colorful walls and industrial textures. looooooooove. i was walking in the area one day and thought it would make an awesome backdrop for photos and wanted to come back for a shoot one day – this was my chance. 🙂 i hope vivian and charles didn’t think i was crazy when i came across a random spot and started swooning. 🙂 or when i started saying “awwwwwww” every time they did osmething cute (which was basically, the entire shoot).  hahahah! they were good spots, totally freaking adorable, and i had soooo much fun walking around the neighborhood with them and just hanging out with them.

lots of favorites to show 🙂

i pointed out that these two were awesome at dipping. charles’s response to that comment? “it’s because she’s so tiny.” hehe.

i LOVE the way vivian is looking at charles in this next photo. so sweet!

oh, yes. i made them pose under the freeway, near the 101 entrance. with lots and lots of cars passing by. i’m evil 🙂

i have a thing for fences lately. and not of the white picket variety….i just think they have awesome texture. and i think i blame trude‘s boy a little bit for that influence (earl, if you’re reading this, then yes, i give you the win for that one too)

again, i loooooove the way they’re looking at each other in this next photo:

i adore this jumping shot:

i love this orange wall. and aren’t they sooooooooooooooo cute?!?!?!?

i love laughter:

this alley had crazy lighting, but i kinda dig it 🙂 (this is also around the time the fog rolled in)

vivian looks something fabulous here!

the story behind these photos – i told these two to look emo. charles said he didn’t know what emo was. i asked him, “didn’t you go through an emo phase in high school?” to which he replied, “no. i went from fob to nerd.” then he busted out these:

HAHAHAHAHAH. i love these guys.

costco parking lot! hehe.

random costco story: i had told these two to meet me at costco, and i had arrived a little bit early. i kinda LOVE costco hot dogs (helloooooo! a hot dog + a drink for $1.50! can’t go wrong with that!) and i was hoping to grab one while waiting for them. unfortunately, the food court was inside and i don’t have a costco card. i just sat outside waiting for them, and the guy checking cards at the entrance kept looking at me suspiciously, since well, who sits outside a costco for 20 minutes? during that time, i was also looking around and scoping the scene, and thought that the light where the row of shopping carts were would totally make awesome photos. anyhow, after a while, the card checker turned the other way and started talking to the receipt checker at the entrance, so i ran into the costco and got my hot dog. it was delicious. but that meant no shooting in front of the row of shopping carts when vivian and charles arrived. oh well. we got the “push vivian around in a shopping cart” shots at the end 🙂

vivian and charles, i had soooo much fun spending the afternoon with you!! you guys are fabulous! good luck with med school and residency – i know you guys will rock it!


2 Responses to “vivian and charles – san francisco engagement photographer – SOMA”

  1. 1 reyanna September 13, 2010 at 7:30 pm

    Love these! This is my fave shoot in a long time! LOVE the red & black Converse/Chucks in front of the orange wall! So cool! 🙂

  2. 2 reyanna September 29, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    Just had to come by *again* and tell you *again* how much I LOVE this shoot! Seriously, she is cuter than cute… cute couple too, of course. Great job on these, Caro! 🙂

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