caroekg = caro (a nickname people use for my first name, caroline) + ekg (how my friend pointed out my last name, ikeji, is pronounced)

okay, i admit it: i’m kinda nosy. people watching is one of my favorite activities. i love getting a glimpse into other strangers’ lives, even for only a moment. i love watching people interact with each other.

this is probably what i love most about photography – it gives me a chance to observe people and witness the connections they have with each other. a family sharing laughs. a couple getting mushy. the playful giggle of a child. i love to let people simply be themselves, with me simply being there to observe them and capture these moments on camera.

feel free to email me at

more about me:
– i’m an only child.
– i am a so-cal transplant and i’m a true blue dodger fan.
– i love the color yellow.
– i am hopelessly addicted to coffee. especially blue bottle coffee.
– the office is probably one of my favorite TV shows EVER – i want myself a jim!
– i also love: 30 rock, dexter, glee, true blood, how i met your mother, and grey’s anatomy. i miss gilmore girls, arrested development, freaks & geeks,  and friends. my guilty pleasure shows are gossip girl and make it or break it. (apparently i watch too much TV)
– i love live music, and i’ve seen lifehouse 6 times. i also think the shins are absolutely amazing live.
– i am a major night owl, and somehow my productivity doubles after 11pm.
– i am a cupcake fiend. well, actually, any dessert will do. and chocolate.
– i think zachary’s pizza is the best thing ever.
– scratch that, i think nutella is the best thing ever. (and yes, i like talking about food. and i tend to make my clients hungry during their shoots. be warned!)
– if i wasn’t living in san francisco right now, i’d be in san diego.
– i am a terrible singer, but i happen to have perfect pitch and love to point out others’ pitch deficiencies.
– i played piano for 12 years, which turned me into a classical music nerd.
– i’m a notorious klutz. don’t be surprised if i trip and fall during your shoot, or better yet fall into a pond. it’s happened. feel free to laugh. it makes for good photos 🙂
– i wish i could win a shopping spree to anthropologie.
– i say “seriously” way too much. seriously.
– i love taking pictures (duh).


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