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shruti + kevin – engagement session

cute couple + amazing late afternoon light = pure awesomeness. seriously, it’s a winning combination. shruti and kevin are friends of priti and ketal, and were totally fabulous. they were totally adorable and just completely into each other. i loved the way they looked at each other – there was so much love between them! we meandered through the streets of south beach – we loved this place, as it offers SO much variety within one area. you’ve got the funky alleys, cool textures, empty gravel lots, a super cool bridge, and an amazing park and field that we just ended up stumbling upon. it seemed like everything came together that day – shruti and kevin were totally fun to work with, we hit the hour with the amazing, glowy late afternoon light, and the perfect shooting spot. it was the perfect combination.

i have WAY too many favorites from their shoot. i tried to narrow it down, but this is still going to end up being a very hefty post!

we were walking around and came across a fro-yo shop with these chairs. i knew we had to use them as props!

we walked across the bridge then came across this empty lot. i figured it would be a good spot to run around in! this is one of my favorite shots from their shoot, i love how they look like they’re walking into the sun!

oooooh, puddles!! 🙂

oooooh, glowy light!!! 🙂

i LOVE the way they’re looking at each other in this photo!

squeeee! adorableeeeee!!!

i was feeling the silhouettes:

thanks, shruti and kevin!! it’s completely obvious that you guys are so in love. i had a fabulous time with you!!!


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