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edita and anthony – san francisco couples photographer

edita and anthony’s love story starts on two continents: she hails from lithuania, he from utah. they met online a few years ago, she came out to america, and they married. they lived in utah for a while, and moved out to the bay area a few months earlier. they just celebrated their third anniversary late last month, and they wanted photos to commemorate this time in their life. i was more than happy to capture their love on film for them. i loved watching how they playfully teased each other and made each other laugh, how they talked to each other, jpw they looked into each others’ eyes, how they showed affection. it’s easy to see their love and it warms my heart.

i had sooooo much fun hanging out with this FABULOUS couple. edita is such a beauty, and anthony is a total stud. the camera couldn’t love them enough! edita said that they wanted a location with funky backgrounds, construction, and preferably near the beach. when i heard that combination, the first place i thought of was the presidio, which may or may not be my new favorite location to shoot πŸ˜‰

lots and lots of favorites, i tell ya.

one of the professional dancers’ names on “dancing with the stars” is named edita, and i pointed out that fact to these guys. anthony joked, “yeah, she can’t dance so that’s not her.” i don’t buy that, i though they were fabulous at it! πŸ™‚

this field + golden light = absolute magic. SWOOOOOOOOOOOON. (and yes, i squealed about it. about 100 times)

these two look like rockstars here, and these look like they should be on the cover of their new album. told you they were FAB-U-LOUS.


they got this blanket as a wedding gift, and wanted some photos with it. i thought it was the perfect prop, especially for beach shots!


thanks, guys! happy anniversary! πŸ™‚


vivian and charles – san francisco engagement photographer – SOMA

i love vivian and charles’s story – vivian is originally from missouri, and charles fromΒ  new york; they met in boston a few years ago. vivian made her way out to the bay area to start medical school at stanford last year, and charles soon followed to start his residency. the rest is history – they are getting married at the end of october!

not only are vivian and charles super smart, they were completely fun, fabulous, and spontaneous. my ideal couple πŸ™‚ i had been wanting to check out a few new locations and SOMA was one of them – and these two were completely willing to play along with me. they didn’t bat an eyelash when i made them lie down in a parking lot (with plenty of spectators walking down the street), or push each other around in shopping carts in the costco parking lot.

SOMA is a pretty awesome location – lots of colorful walls and industrial textures. looooooooove. i was walking in the area one day and thought it would make an awesome backdrop for photos and wanted to come back for a shoot one day – this was my chance. πŸ™‚ i hope vivian and charles didn’t think i was crazy when i came across a random spot and started swooning. πŸ™‚ or when i started saying “awwwwwww” every time they did osmething cute (which was basically, the entire shoot).Β  hahahah! they were good spots, totally freaking adorable, and i had soooo much fun walking around the neighborhood with them and just hanging out with them.

lots of favorites to show πŸ™‚

i pointed out that these two were awesome at dipping. charles’s response to that comment? “it’s because she’s so tiny.” hehe.

i LOVE the way vivian is looking at charles in this next photo. so sweet!

oh, yes. i made them pose under the freeway, near the 101 entrance. with lots and lots of cars passing by. i’m evil πŸ™‚

i have a thing for fences lately. and not of the white picket variety….i just think they have awesome texture. and i think i blame trude‘s boy a little bit for that influence (earl, if you’re reading this, then yes, i give you the win for that one too)

again, i loooooove the way they’re looking at each other in this next photo:

i adore this jumping shot:

i love this orange wall. and aren’t they sooooooooooooooo cute?!?!?!?

i love laughter:

this alley had crazy lighting, but i kinda dig it πŸ™‚ (this is also around the time the fog rolled in)

vivian looks something fabulous here!

the story behind these photos – i told these two to look emo. charles said he didn’t know what emo was. i asked him, “didn’t you go through an emo phase in high school?” to which he replied, “no. i went from fob to nerd.” then he busted out these:

HAHAHAHAHAH. i love these guys.

costco parking lot! hehe.

random costco story: i had told these two to meet me at costco, and i had arrived a little bit early. i kinda LOVE costco hot dogs (helloooooo! a hot dog + a drink for $1.50! can’t go wrong with that!) and i was hoping to grab one while waiting for them. unfortunately, the food court was inside and i don’t have a costco card. i just sat outside waiting for them, and the guy checking cards at the entrance kept looking at me suspiciously, since well, who sits outside a costco for 20 minutes? during that time, i was also looking around and scoping the scene, and thought that the light where the row of shopping carts were would totally make awesome photos. anyhow, after a while, the card checker turned the other way and started talking to the receipt checker at the entrance, so i ran into the costco and got my hot dog. it was delicious. but that meant no shooting in front of the row of shopping carts when vivian and charles arrived. oh well. we got the “push vivian around in a shopping cart” shots at the end πŸ™‚

vivian and charles, i had soooo much fun spending the afternoon with you!! you guys are fabulous! good luck with med school and residency – i know you guys will rock it!

allysa and ronnie – san francisco engagement photographer – south beach, mission bay, treasure island

after a month or two of consistently foggy/cold shoots, the sun finally came out for this one! mother nature must have been smiling upon allysa and ronnie, and i knew i was going to be in for a super good time. i mean, the sun was shining upon us, right? what could be better?

turns out i was right. and it did get better – allysa and ronnie are super adorable and totally fabulous. not to mention, allysa is gorgeous and ronnie is a total stud. they are also completely in love, and i kinda melted when i saw the way they looked at each other. these two also knew how to work it, and the camera just looooooved them (seriously. they look like models in some of these shots!). add in some fun lighting (sun = i finally got to play with some sun flares! woo!) and you have some magic. i also loved the fact that allysa and ronnie were wanting to be different than everyone else, and wanting to move away from the norm – no cheesy or typical engagement photos here, thankyouverymuch. they also wanted an urban setting for their session – and we ended up at south beach/misson bay and treasure island, which allysa actually suggested. i always end up suggesting treasure island to people but no one bites, so i was THRILLED when she asked if we could shoot there! seriously, i could not asked for more during this session (now that i’ve said that, i’m sure i’m going to get another long streak of foggy sessions again, aren’t i? pffft)!

allysa and ronnie originally wanted to get married in new york. in fact, they were considering getting married at shake shack, which you might have heard me raving about after my day in NYC. seriously, they have super delicious burgers and cones. yummmm. i think that would’ve made an awesome wedding – i might have had to weasel an invite out of them for that one πŸ˜‰ they decided to get married in the bay area though, so that more of their family and friends could join them.

anyways. i had waaaaaaaaay too much trouble narrowing down my favorites from this one, so be prepared for a LONG post!

i lurrrrrrrrve this one:

they look like theyΒ  belong in a fashion spread here:

helloooooo, pretty light. i’ve missed you!

i was waaaaaay too excited about the sun. i think i said “OMG, I CAN’T BELIEVE THE SUN IS OUT!” way too many times.

by the time we left for treasure island, the fog was rolling in – FAST. allysa had originally wanted some photos on the island with the skyline in the background, but you couldn’t see it anymore! so we went on to the other parts of the island…

i think i almost fell through the floor while shooting these photos. literally. i’m actually surprised i didn’t, lol.


i looooove this purple (blue?) fire truck (trude pointed it out to me when we did our swap there)!

thanks, allysa and ronnie! good luck with the wedding planning!

alex – class of 2011 – san francisco senior portrait photographer

meet alex. she’s an incoming senior this year, and just fabulous. she’s super gorgeous – don’t you love that beautifulΒ  hair?! she’s also the sweetest and she’s super smart – she’s got her sights set on columbia or brown. i have no doubts that she’ll get there!

alex chose the botanical gardens at golden gate park as the site for her shoot – i forget how awesome that place is. lots of pretty flowers and greenery…love it! one of my favorite spots that i don’t get to all that often.

we did a quick mini-session, and here are my favorites!

thanks, alex! good luck with your senior year!

rachel and ronnie – san francisco engagement photography

rachel and ronnie were the winners of my summer engagement giveaway last month, and i was so happy that i found myself such a fun, adorable couple. rachel wanted a very SF-esque engagement session without all the cliches (i.e. the palace of fine arts and the golden gate bridge), and we came up with the russian hill/ghirardelli square area. we didn’t actually make it into the heart of russian square as it involved climbing, you know, hills – we made it up to the top of lombard st. and were pretty much winded – and ended up in part of the fisherman’s wharf area. on a sunday afternoon. which meant it was swarmed with lots and lots of tourists mulling about and staring at them getting all kissy for the camera. i’m sure it made them super awkward,Β  but they sure didn’t show it.

these two are, like, totally adorable and a complete blast. they went along with my crazy ideas, like making the 4-block VERY hilly and UPHILL trek up to lombard and then getting mushy there while a bunch of cars drove by. heh. but did i mention, they are completely adorable?! these two are giants fans, which means this dodger fan is not supposed to like them, but i had to let even that slide because of their adorableness. the best part about this session? watching them make each other laugh. it was so friggin cute. awwwwww.

oh, and here’s where i would normally whine about the weather yet again…it was super foggy and kinda drizzly…but the sun kind of peeked through for about 10 seconds. i guess a session trying to depict san francisco HAS to include some fog. haha. surprisingly, it wasn’t super cold. i guess i’ll take what i can get.

anyhow. we all know i have trouble narrowing down my favorites, but that was even more so true with this session. enjoy!

san francisco = cable cars πŸ™‚

they let rachel “pull” the lever πŸ™‚

this next photo basically sums up the day:

so ronnie spotted the bridge and wanted a photo with it. i had to go the untraditional route here.

rachel has such gorgeous eyes, and the next two photos show it. no photoshopping, all natural!! πŸ™‚

ring shot! πŸ™‚

i bought these heart ring pops at target around valentine’s day, thinking they’d be a fun prop for an engagement shoot. i’d forgotten about them for awhile, but remembered them and brought them along with me. i almost forgot i had them but remembered i had them towards the end of our session, and brought them out for the last few shots….

i think they had fun with them πŸ™‚ heeeee.

thanks rachel and ronnie!! you guys were a blast! good luck planning your wedding!

trude – photo swap! – treasure island + alameda

you might remember the fabulous trude from this post of the photo swap i did with her and nancy last year. that was a super fun time, and i was dying for round two – finally got my chance when trude, along with her boy, made a visit to the bay area last month! since i’d been talking about the awesomeness of treasure island for a while, we decided to shoot there. it was quite windy over there, and we were both shivering and called it quits after a relatively short time (just as the fog started to roll in), but that didn’t stop me from getting tons of fabulous shots of her!! she is totally gorgeous and a fabulous model. nancy mentioned on her blog that photographers make the best models, and she is totally right!

it was a completely fun afternoon. it’s always super inspiring to hang out with another photog, bouncing off ideas and talking shop. and i love trying out new ideas and experimenting at these swaps!

here are a bunch of shots to share. notice how on top of things i am this time, not taking 5 months to finish editing this time πŸ˜‰ heh. go, me!

hellooooooo, gorgeous!!!

her boy came along too. he’s a filmmaker, and he just bought a dSLR with video capabilities and was shooting footage around the island. and i took these snaps of him as well.

this truck is quite possibly my most favorite thing on the island. trude’s boy was joking that these are “trucker’s montly” shots. heh.

hawt! πŸ™‚

so we both posed with this blue container, and leaned on it. both of it ended up with blue paint on our arms (and in my case, on the white portion of my dress. oops). note to self for future shoots: don’t make clients lean on this if they don’t want to end up looking like someone from the blue man group πŸ™‚

it was trude’s boy’s idea to shoot with this fence. i’ll give him a win for coming up with that idea πŸ™‚

a jumping shot, just cuz πŸ™‚

afterward, trude invited me to dinner with them and some other folks. yum, sushi πŸ™‚ we headed out to alameda, and while we were waiting for the others to show up, blew some bubbles. fun!!

a quick snap of her walking down the street because i liked how the backlighting looked against her hair!

after dinner, we kinda played around with available light. one of her and the boy (aww):

and we spent a good 30 minutes sprawled out on the ground in the parking lot for shots like these. we are nerds πŸ™‚

downtown alameda is totally cute and charming and i wish we had more time to spend shooting there. next time! πŸ™‚

it was super fun hanging out with you and the boy, trude!! i can’t wait for round 3 (with nancy again!) next time i’m in so-cal!

trude posted a couple of film shots of me (and other gorgeous photos from her trip) here but i’m dying to see more!! she makes me want to pick up a film camera too!

lindsey – the presidio – san francisco senior photographer

lindsey is here from upstate new york for the summer, and wanted to do a shoot while she was in san francisco. we were both hoping for some sun and a teensy little bit of warmth, but of course, it ended up being your typical chilly, blustery san francisco afternoon. grrrr. she said she’s been surprised at how chilly it gets in the city sometimes – i mean, seriously, is this california, and are we in summer?! despite the weather though, lindsey rocked her shoot.

lindsey is staying in the presidio for the summer, and she knew of some cool spots in the area that she sees in the neighborhood every day. i am quickly becoming a HUGE fan of the presidio – it’s got so much variety and i keep finding new places every time i’m there! you’ve got the beach and grass at crissy field, the golden gate bridge, a ton of naturey spots, along with some funky, cool old buildings. gotta love it. i’m hoping to explore this area further in the near future – there’s so much here that i haven’t seen yet!

i love the outfits lindsey chose to bring to her shoot…that jacket is super awesome and loooove that sailor dress! and the red lipstick? awesomeness! πŸ™‚ and she was up for anything, including climing in a tree, posing in a construction zone, and making her way through itchy tall weeds. she’s a trooper for sure!

anyway. lindsay and i had tons of fun traipsing through her neighborhood. she probably thought i was a huge dork for freaking out over every new location we discovered. haha. the pictures are worth it though! πŸ™‚

(i said this area called for a reading scene. i happened to have a copy of eat, pray love in my bag so i handed it to her and had her do this).

looooove grungy old buildings like this πŸ™‚

i completely freaked out when we came across the next location. tall mustard blooms in front of an old buidling?! HELLOOOOOOO!

pretty girl!

then we came across tall weeds in front of another grungy old building. i freaked out yet again. the only thing that would’ve made this even better was if there was golden sunlight!! but seriously?! LOOOOVE.

i am in love with this dress:

we found a super cool tree…

thanks, lindsey!! enjoy the rest of your time in san francisco – hopefully, it’ll warm up a tad πŸ™‚

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