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anna & katherine – sisterly love

i had the joy of capturing these two adorable sisters recently. i grew up an only child, but always wanted a sister. capturing these two girls really made me wish i had a sister growing up! i loved seeing the love between them. anna and katherine were in a completely giggly, playful mood and i loved capturing that side of them. it makes for some cute photos 🙂 we started off the shoot at crissy field – it was a cloudy, somewhat chilly day but the girls had no qualms about splashing around and playing the water – made me chilly just observing them, but they seemed to have fun 🙂

i LOVE this one:

mom had the idea of having the girls write their names in the sand:

anna was wearing the cutest pink skirt, and it was just ASKING to be twirled in!

it was pretty cold that day, and the water must have been freeeeeeezing. but kids are kids and don’t care so much 🙂

we took a quick trip over to the palace of fine arts and ended the session there. the girls changed into these super cute pink flower dresses! love them!


some silly shots 🙂



the walldez family – sibling session

i had such a FUN time photographing these 5 siblings while i was in so-cal. these guys wanted to take pictures to give as a gift to their mom for christmas – what a sweet idea. i loved hanging out with them one afternoon – they were up for anything and weren’t afraid to ham it up for the camera! lisa, who is wearing the black scarf, is the oldest, and david is the youngest at 6…but whatever difference there is in age, they are still one tight-knit clan who all watch out for each other, and i love how that was captured in the photos. we headed out to caltech, which is such a cool campus – love how nerdy everything is – some of the fountains are modeled after molecules, DNA and viruses! totally cool. it’s also totally pretty, with lots of grass, cool arches, and awesome buildings.

i have WAY too many favorites to share with y’all from this shoot.

love me a family who is up for an awesome jump shot:

read, get set….


totally hamming it up:

this fountain is supposed to be a DNA helix:

and this one is supposed to be some sort of virus:

brady bunch style:

individual shots:

we were trying to get david to laugh, when one of these guys told him to try to touch his nose with this tongue. we then had everyone else try it too. LOL. too hilarious!

they love being silly:

lisa brought along a pack of bubbles for everyone to play with, and of course the youngest was the best at it!

but everyone else tried, as well…

manly men:

sisterly love!

the older kids:

still hamming it up:

thanks, guys!!! i had a blast with y’all! hope your mom likes her gift!

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