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anna & katherine – sisterly love

i had the joy of capturing these two adorable sisters recently. i grew up an only child, but always wanted a sister. capturing these two girls really made me wish i had a sister growing up! i loved seeing the love between them. anna and katherine were in a completely giggly, playful mood and i loved capturing that side of them. it makes for some cute photos 🙂 we started off the shoot at crissy field – it was a cloudy, somewhat chilly day but the girls had no qualms about splashing around and playing the water – made me chilly just observing them, but they seemed to have fun 🙂

i LOVE this one:

mom had the idea of having the girls write their names in the sand:

anna was wearing the cutest pink skirt, and it was just ASKING to be twirled in!

it was pretty cold that day, and the water must have been freeeeeeezing. but kids are kids and don’t care so much 🙂

we took a quick trip over to the palace of fine arts and ended the session there. the girls changed into these super cute pink flower dresses! love them!


some silly shots 🙂



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