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allysa and ronnie – san francisco engagement photographer – south beach, mission bay, treasure island

after a month or two of consistently foggy/cold shoots, the sun finally came out for this one! mother nature must have been smiling upon allysa and ronnie, and i knew i was going to be in for a super good time. i mean, the sun was shining upon us, right? what could be better?

turns out i was right. and it did get better – allysa and ronnie are super adorable and totally fabulous. not to mention, allysa is gorgeous and ronnie is a total stud. they are also completely in love, and i kinda melted when i saw the way they looked at each other. these two also knew how to work it, and the camera just looooooved them (seriously. they look like models in some of these shots!). add in some fun lighting (sun = i finally got to play with some sun flares! woo!) and you have some magic. i also loved the fact that allysa and ronnie were wanting to be different than everyone else, and wanting to move away from the norm – no cheesy or typical engagement photos here, thankyouverymuch. they also wanted an urban setting for their session – and we ended up at south beach/misson bay and treasure island, which allysa actually suggested. i always end up suggesting treasure island to people but no one bites, so i was THRILLED when she asked if we could shoot there! seriously, i could not asked for more during this session (now that i’ve said that, i’m sure i’m going to get another long streak of foggy sessions again, aren’t i? pffft)!

allysa and ronnie originally wanted to get married in new york. in fact, they were considering getting married at shake shack, which you might have heard me raving about after my day in NYC. seriously, they have super delicious burgers and cones. yummmm. i think that would’ve made an awesome wedding – i might have had to weasel an invite out of them for that one πŸ˜‰ they decided to get married in the bay area though, so that more of their family and friends could join them.

anyways. i had waaaaaaaaay too much trouble narrowing down my favorites from this one, so be prepared for a LONG post!

i lurrrrrrrrve this one:

they look like theyΒ  belong in a fashion spread here:

helloooooo, pretty light. i’ve missed you!

i was waaaaaay too excited about the sun. i think i said “OMG, I CAN’T BELIEVE THE SUN IS OUT!” way too many times.

by the time we left for treasure island, the fog was rolling in – FAST. allysa had originally wanted some photos on the island with the skyline in the background, but you couldn’t see it anymore! so we went on to the other parts of the island…

i think i almost fell through the floor while shooting these photos. literally. i’m actually surprised i didn’t, lol.


i looooove this purple (blue?) fire truck (trude pointed it out to me when we did our swap there)!

thanks, allysa and ronnie! good luck with the wedding planning!


shruti + kevin – engagement session

cute couple + amazing late afternoon light = pure awesomeness. seriously, it’s a winning combination. shruti and kevin are friends of priti and ketal, and were totally fabulous. they were totally adorable and just completely into each other. i loved the way they looked at each other – there was so much love between them! we meandered through the streets of south beach – we loved this place, as it offers SO much variety within one area. you’ve got the funky alleys, cool textures, empty gravel lots, a super cool bridge, and an amazing park and field that we just ended up stumbling upon. it seemed like everything came together that day – shruti and kevin were totally fun to work with, we hit the hour with the amazing, glowy late afternoon light, and the perfect shooting spot. it was the perfect combination.

i have WAY too many favorites from their shoot. i tried to narrow it down, but this is still going to end up being a very hefty post!

we were walking around and came across a fro-yo shop with these chairs. i knew we had to use them as props!

we walked across the bridge then came across this empty lot. i figured it would be a good spot to run around in! this is one of my favorite shots from their shoot, i love how they look like they’re walking into the sun!

oooooh, puddles!! πŸ™‚

oooooh, glowy light!!! πŸ™‚

i LOVE the way they’re looking at each other in this photo!

squeeee! adorableeeeee!!!

i was feeling the silhouettes:

thanks, shruti and kevin!! it’s completely obvious that you guys are so in love. i had a fabulous time with you!!!

rakhee – portrait session

it was one of those super windy san francisco days during rakhee’s session. luckily, she was willing to roll with it. rakhee was so much fun to work with – she was up for anything! she was a natural in front of the camera. here are a few of my favorites from her session –









thanks for posing for me, rakhee! i had so much fun cruising the streets of south beach with you!

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