anna and katherine – san francisco child photographer

you may remember these lovely sisters from about a year ago. mom wanted updated portraits, and i was happy to hang out with them again! i had so much fun with these two girls last time – they were giggly, fun, silly…and not to mention, gorgeous! i loved capturing the bond they had with each other – it made me a wee bit jealous, since i’m an only child and i had always wanted a sister growing up. ah, sisterly love. it makes me smile πŸ™‚

we headed out to the presidio and spent some time just walking around the area. i still love this spot so much!


silly girls…love it!

i had a fabulous time you girls – thanks! πŸ™‚ keep that sisterly bond strong for life!





maddy + family – san francisco first birthday photographer / san francisco lifestyle family photographer

what a cutie patootie maddy is. mom wanted fun and festive first birthday photos, complete with an adorable tutu and a party hat that lasted all of 2 minutes. we originally wanted to shoot somewhere with a carnival vibe, but we settled for the brazil room at tilden park in berkeley. the stone walls and greenery all around made for a pretty setting – in some of these shots with maddy in her tutu, the building looks almost like a fairy house!

anyhow. like i said earlier, you could not help but comment on how cute maddy is, especially with that birthday tutu of hers. mom also brought along a couple other adorable outfits, which made me super excited. i loved capturing her exploring her surroundings and just run around the area. so cute.

it was the perfect day weather-wise, and the light got lovely towards the end.

tons of faves here!



blowing kisses with mom…!


i looooove this headband!



what a gorgeous family!! thanks,Β  guys! πŸ™‚




so gorgeous.

anyone in the bay area see the sunset earlier tonight?

no editing done whatsoever.

someone tweeted to look outside the window, and when i did, this is what i saw. i ran out of the house with my camera and snapped this real quick.

so gorgeous.

just had to share…

stefan – first birthday session – san francisco child photographer

remember adorable stefan? he’s now a year old, and as adorable as ever! since the last time i saw him, he’s started walking and it’s become a challenge keeping up with him, but i guess that keeps me young. haha! he’s also completely adorable when he’s running around, so it’s all good πŸ™‚

we did his first birthday photos at home and he really came alive in his everyday surroundings. it was fun to watch him run around the backyard and chase the dog around.

i had too much trouble narrowing down favorites, so i just gave up. lol πŸ™‚

mom had some awesome ideas for styling the shoot, and one of them was getting some leaves to put on the ground to give the photos a fall-like feel…i also asked her to get some pumpkins to add to that autumn flavor. me likey πŸ™‚


being adorable with his mama (who, by the way, is gorgeous!)


this one made me laugh:



i LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE his shirt. isn’t it the cutest thing ever?!


we did a cake smash πŸ™‚ the cake was so fun and mom had the idea of surrounding it with a bunch of brightly colored silly bandz. i created the banner to add another bit of fun to the look as well!


thanks stefan and danielle! you are completely adorable and it was fun to see how you’ve changed and grown in the last few months!!


edita and anthony – san francisco couples photographer

edita and anthony’s love story starts on two continents: she hails from lithuania, he from utah. they met online a few years ago, she came out to america, and they married. they lived in utah for a while, and moved out to the bay area a few months earlier. they just celebrated their third anniversary late last month, and they wanted photos to commemorate this time in their life. i was more than happy to capture their love on film for them. i loved watching how they playfully teased each other and made each other laugh, how they talked to each other, jpw they looked into each others’ eyes, how they showed affection. it’s easy to see their love and it warms my heart.

i had sooooo much fun hanging out with this FABULOUS couple. edita is such a beauty, and anthony is a total stud. the camera couldn’t love them enough! edita said that they wanted a location with funky backgrounds, construction, and preferably near the beach. when i heard that combination, the first place i thought of was the presidio, which may or may not be my new favorite location to shoot πŸ˜‰

lots and lots of favorites, i tell ya.

one of the professional dancers’ names on “dancing with the stars” is named edita, and i pointed out that fact to these guys. anthony joked, “yeah, she can’t dance so that’s not her.” i don’t buy that, i though they were fabulous at it! πŸ™‚

this field + golden light = absolute magic. SWOOOOOOOOOOOON. (and yes, i squealed about it. about 100 times)

these two look like rockstars here, and these look like they should be on the cover of their new album. told you they were FAB-U-LOUS.


they got this blanket as a wedding gift, and wanted some photos with it. i thought it was the perfect prop, especially for beach shots!


thanks, guys! happy anniversary! πŸ™‚

the sheehan family – san francisco family portrait photographer

a sweet family + sunny day + cute little boy = the perfect recipe for great family photos!

i met up with the sheehan family at central park in fremont, which is really lovely. mom was a few weeks away from giving birth to a new addition to the family and wanted to get some photos in of her current family. these guys were super sweet and the little one was such a cutie!! it was a great day – gotta love how it gets warm in the bay area once summer is over. lol.


thanks, guys!!

vivian and charles – san francisco engagement photographer – SOMA

i love vivian and charles’s story – vivian is originally from missouri, and charles fromΒ  new york; they met in boston a few years ago. vivian made her way out to the bay area to start medical school at stanford last year, and charles soon followed to start his residency. the rest is history – they are getting married at the end of october!

not only are vivian and charles super smart, they were completely fun, fabulous, and spontaneous. my ideal couple πŸ™‚ i had been wanting to check out a few new locations and SOMA was one of them – and these two were completely willing to play along with me. they didn’t bat an eyelash when i made them lie down in a parking lot (with plenty of spectators walking down the street), or push each other around in shopping carts in the costco parking lot.

SOMA is a pretty awesome location – lots of colorful walls and industrial textures. looooooooove. i was walking in the area one day and thought it would make an awesome backdrop for photos and wanted to come back for a shoot one day – this was my chance. πŸ™‚ i hope vivian and charles didn’t think i was crazy when i came across a random spot and started swooning. πŸ™‚ or when i started saying “awwwwwww” every time they did osmething cute (which was basically, the entire shoot).Β  hahahah! they were good spots, totally freaking adorable, and i had soooo much fun walking around the neighborhood with them and just hanging out with them.

lots of favorites to show πŸ™‚

i pointed out that these two were awesome at dipping. charles’s response to that comment? “it’s because she’s so tiny.” hehe.

i LOVE the way vivian is looking at charles in this next photo. so sweet!

oh, yes. i made them pose under the freeway, near the 101 entrance. with lots and lots of cars passing by. i’m evil πŸ™‚

i have a thing for fences lately. and not of the white picket variety….i just think they have awesome texture. and i think i blame trude‘s boy a little bit for that influence (earl, if you’re reading this, then yes, i give you the win for that one too)

again, i loooooove the way they’re looking at each other in this next photo:

i adore this jumping shot:

i love this orange wall. and aren’t they sooooooooooooooo cute?!?!?!?

i love laughter:

this alley had crazy lighting, but i kinda dig it πŸ™‚ (this is also around the time the fog rolled in)

vivian looks something fabulous here!

the story behind these photos – i told these two to look emo. charles said he didn’t know what emo was. i asked him, “didn’t you go through an emo phase in high school?” to which he replied, “no. i went from fob to nerd.” then he busted out these:

HAHAHAHAHAH. i love these guys.

costco parking lot! hehe.

random costco story: i had told these two to meet me at costco, and i had arrived a little bit early. i kinda LOVE costco hot dogs (helloooooo! a hot dog + a drink for $1.50! can’t go wrong with that!) and i was hoping to grab one while waiting for them. unfortunately, the food court was inside and i don’t have a costco card. i just sat outside waiting for them, and the guy checking cards at the entrance kept looking at me suspiciously, since well, who sits outside a costco for 20 minutes? during that time, i was also looking around and scoping the scene, and thought that the light where the row of shopping carts were would totally make awesome photos. anyhow, after a while, the card checker turned the other way and started talking to the receipt checker at the entrance, so i ran into the costco and got my hot dog. it was delicious. but that meant no shooting in front of the row of shopping carts when vivian and charles arrived. oh well. we got the “push vivian around in a shopping cart” shots at the end πŸ™‚

vivian and charles, i had soooo much fun spending the afternoon with you!! you guys are fabulous! good luck with med school and residency – i know you guys will rock it!

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